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Enaya Medical Group

ENAYA Hospital is a part of the prestigious Saudi-based ENAYA Medical Group. The hospital functions as an integral part of a medical complex, which has an elaborate out-patient department in addition to a dispensary and pharmacy. 

Located in the heart of Dammam on Othman Ibn Affan Street, ENAYA Hospital aims at serving the population of Saudi Arabia by providing quality medical facilities and services at an affordable cost.
The 100-bed multi-speciality hospital is equipped with highly skilled expert medical staff and state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic facilities.

The hospital has specialties such as - Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, ENT, General Surgery, Opthalmology, Dental, Pediatrics and others. Our services also include Physiotherapy, Laboratory, X-Ray, Radiology and Pharmacy.

Our team comprises of friendly and well-trained multilingual staff who are always ready to welcome you. We are committed to provide affordable medical care in a hygienic environment to all the people living in Saudi Arabia and add value to their wellbeing.

Quality is always paramount at ENAYA and we take pride in being a centre that consistently improves the quality of healthcare through continual review of performance, assessment and accreditation. 

Chairman's Message

When our Group started investing in healthcare sector back in 1985, our goal was to be a strong partner in the healthcare provider’s network putting the well-being of humans as our focal point.

Today, we have taken a decision to go many steps further through providing cure to sick patients in a very high standard of care at ENAYA HOSPITAL in an affordable manner.

ENAYA is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology which is operated by highly skilled medical staff.

We aim to become the centre of healthcare excellence in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and hopefully among GCC countries.

Please feel free to continue browsing our website and explore our services. We will be glad to know your feedback and suggestions.

Saud Al-Madaj Al-Dossary
Enaya Medical Group


  • Message from the CEO

    Welcome to the Enaya Hospital website. We hope you find the information you are looking for concerning the hospital, our doctors or the medical care we provide.

    At Enaya Hospital, we offer a full range of modern medical care, administered by the best doctors. We are committed to providing quality medical care to all patients. The patient is always the focal point in the care we provide.

    The administration and medical staff work hand in hand to create a positive medical experience and a good relationship with our patients. We have a highly skilled medical team with experience in various fields. The hospital offers high-tech medical equipment that help in forming the correct diagnosis with Allah’s help.

    Have long years of medical experience which I have utilized to achieve the hospital’s goals, which are to provide the patient with the best and latest medical care available, as well as caring for the patient in a professional and compassionate manner, and attending to his/her every need. We treat our patients with the utmost discretion and we make sure to select the best medical care options for our patients.

    Thank you for visiting our website and I hope you have a positive and comfortable experience at our hospital. May Allah protect everyone.

  • Message from the COO

    At Enaya Hospital, we always strive to achieve our goal, which is to provide our patients with excellent medical care and services. The hospital’s medical staff and administration work hard to provide the best medical care, in addition to treating our patients with compassion, discretion and respect.

    The hospital follows medical and administrative systems that comply with the highest patient-centered international standards. The hospital facilities provide our patients with comfortable short and long-term visits. Our staff works hard to create a positive, soothing environment for our patients and their families to help them overcome the challenges of their illnesses.

    We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to serving you.

  • Message from the HR Manager

    Working in the medical field can be one of the most rewarding professions, where everyone works hard to improve the health of the community. And this is something Enaya Hospital strives to achieve.

    The hospital boasts a highly skilled medical and administrative team. Our staff has been trained to provide excellent care and services to our patients.

    The hospital is a place where doctors with long medical experience are highly valued, yet we also seek new medical talents and make sure to use the latest medical tehcniques and treatments.

    We strive to create a positive and attractive working environment. And we make sure our staff develop their skills continuously by attending medical seminars and international conferences to continue providing our patients with high quality medical care.

    Our vision is for Enaya Hospital to be one of the best medical centers in the Eastern Province and to provide good work opportunities for local young talent in the medical, administrative and service sectors.

    We work hard to take our medical services to a better level and to gain the trust of patients and their families in our community.

Vision and Mission

  • To be a trusted healthcare provider in the Kingdom driven by quality services, innovation, team work, safety and security of patients, we will use latest technologies with policies of accreditation and  international healthcare standards.
  • Treat each patient with respect, dignity, and confidentiality.
  • To lead the Healthcare Industry by providing customized healthcare solutions to different segments of the society.
  • To provide support and services that exceeds customer´s expectations.
  • To provide consistent high quality cost effective patient care in a compassionate and caring environment.
  • To achieve and maintain a high level of patient satisfaction through integrity, dedication, professionalism, teamwork and timely service.
  • To scale to greater heights, set new standards and redefine the lifeline of healthcare.
  • To introduce latest technologies in Healthcare for better diagnosis and treatment.
  • Islamic principles: ethics, honesty, integrity, and equity.
  • Accountability: safety, professionalism, loyalty, and commitment.
  • Patient focus & Confidentiality
  • Compassion
  • Innovation
  • Integrity

Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities

Patient’s Rights:
  • To receive high quality, compassionate, considerate and respectful care, without any prejudice pertaining to ethnicity, gender, religious belief or age.
  • The right to choose the doctor, that you want to treat you, to know his/her name and specialty, and to be allowed to have a look at his/her educational credentials and experience certificates.
  • To be fully informed about the illness treatment and prognosis, asnd to be educated about the medication, diet prevention and any other aspects of the treatment and disease process including unanticipated outcome.
  • To know the cost of any doctor's consultation, investigations, inpatient admission and procedures and the opportunity to discuss it with the front office executives or responsible person assigned prior to, as well as after, receiving the service. 
  • To ask for a second medical consultation in case you are not convinced with your present consultation and/or treatment plan.
  • In case a transfer to another facility is required, to be provided with a complete explanation including alternatives to the transfer.
  • To have your healthcare information protected, whereby information concerning your health and treatment may only be disclosed with informed consent, except when mandated in terms of law or an order of the court.
  • To issue a complaint against your doctors, the hospital or other health care personnel due to lack of satisfaction with any aspect of service provision.
  • In case of emergencies, you have the right to receive treatment without prior authorization.
  • To refuse any treatment to the extent permitted by the law and be informed of the medical consequences of refusal.
  • To refuse any examination or treatment conducted solely for the education or information of others, or to have your medical case used for such a purpose.
Patient’s Responsibilities:
  • To be on time when you have a scheduled appointment. In case of any delay or change, please contact the reception desk.
  • To provide a complete medical history (including allergies, medications taken, etc.), and other relevant details to enable the healthcare provider to develop the plan of care.
  • To fully participate in the treatment plan by asking about information that will help you understand it, especially before signing consent forms.
  • To meet the required fees and charges for the medical services provided in a timely manner.
  • To treat all staff, visitors and other patients with respect and courtesy.
  • To respectfully comply with Enaya Hospital regulations and requirements, such as: opening hours, non-smoking rule, care and control of your children inside the hospital.
  • To follow the treatment plan recommended by your doctor, or to accept responsibility for your health outcome if you choose not to.
  • Inform your doctor or nurse of any changes that to your medical condition, whether positive or negative.
  • We also kindly ask you to candidly complete the Patient Feedback Form before you leave the hospital to help us constantly improve our services.